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Asthma Treatment
Hair Loss Treatment
Facelift or Rhytidectomy
Male/Female Infertility Issues
Stress Free Workplace
Stretch Marks Prevention
Blood Disorders Treatment
Vegetables Diet That Protects The Body
Know Your Vegetables : Ranging from leafy vegetables to edible roots, stems, fruits and seeds, vegetables are protective foods used to build and repair the body. Green Leafy Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and other greens are rich in iron, beta carotene, chlorophyll and dietry fibre. The darker the coloured greens, the more nutritious and the higher the content of beta carotene. ...Read Further...
Fruits : Rich Source Of Fibre & Fights Diseases
Know Your Fruits : Fruit are rich source of nutrients and provides energy and fibre, protects body cells and fights diseases.
Papaya: Key Nutrients: Vitamins A and E, silicon, potassium, calcium, copper, folate, fructose.
Benefits: Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which improves digestion. It reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and cataract. It also helps rid the body of intestinal worms, eases inflammation and combats constipation....Read Further...
Fruits Detoxifying Diet
Know Your Fruits : Fruit provides fibre for a healthy digestive system, and antioxidant nutrients to protect the cells and tissues.
Apple : Key Nutrients : Vitamin C, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, calcium, sulphur.
Benefits : Apples and their juice are cleansing and detoxifying. They help treat intestinal infections, inflammation of the colon, gout, diarrhoea and acidity. Pectin, contained in the apple, reduces cholesterol. ...Read Further...
PMS : Hormonal Causes And Natural Treatment
PMS symptoms occur in the week or two weeks before menstruation period and goes away when the period starts. A combination of lifestyle changes and other treatment is required. Healthier lifestyle and eating habits goes a long way and for some medicine is required, in severe cases eve surgery is the only solution. Antidepressants that alter serotonin in the body have been shown to help many women with severe PMS. Some homeopathic medicines help in easing PMS without side effects. ...Read Further...
Cardiovascular Kickboxing, Shaolin Kungfu & Karate
Cardio Kickboxing is high intensity cardiovascular workout routine.Cardio Kickboxing increases physical endurance and cardiovascular fitness while reducing body fat, stress levels. Benefits of Shaolin Kungfu are self defense training, better health, vitality, mind expansion and spiritual development, beneficial for both body and mind. Karate is for overall body conditioning, toning, muscle development. Weight control, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased stamina and improved agility. ...Read Further...
New Self Defense ; Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Tae Bo
The gyms and work-out stations are witnessing the emergence of newer, more exciting forms of fitness; Krav Maga, Shaoling kungfu, Tae-Bo, Shiatsu, karate besides cardio kickboxing, Tai-chi. Tired of old fitness routines ; Get the zing back into your exercise regime even as you pick up amazing self defense skills with fitness the martial arts way. Exercise buffs are switching over to fitness routines that incorporate pure martial arts or its elements ; giving them the edge by learning self defense along with getting fit. ...Read Further...
Pilates Pro Fitness Exercises For Abdominal Toning
Pilates is the new fitness regime that is getting lots of attention. All the good gyms boasts of having latest Pilates equipment like, Pilates Allegro Reformer, Pilates Premier, Pilates Studio Reformer, Pilates Wunda Chair, Pilates C-Shaper and lots more. pilates exercises are very effective as they are gneally low impact but give high impact whole body toning. Abdominal toning can be easily achieved if these Pilates exercises are followed and regularly performed....Read Further...
Advanced Pilates Equipment Based Exercises
Pieces of equipment such as the Pilates Reformer Trapezius Combo, Pilates Studio Reformer, Pilates Allegro Reformer, Pilates Combo Chair, Pilates Wunda Chair, Pilates C-Shaper, Pilates Magic Circle, Pilates Spine corrector Barrels are going to plummet you into a new world of fitness with stronger and toned body. Look around for the best fitness centres/gyms and best pilates instructors. Pliates Instructor should be certified and throughly trained....Read Further...
Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, the new fitness trends
The new fitness trends: Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates ; Yoga links stretching exercises, breathing and meditation through the repetition of a series of poses. Tai Chi is a slow motion Chinese martial art designed to increase the chi, or life energy. Pilates is a muscle-lengthening program which focuses on the body’s core. Reduces tension and relaxes the body. Protects against the injuries and enhances circulation. Regular practice can boost the immune system and reduce chronic diseases including arthritis , diabetes and thyroid disorders....Read Further...
Kickstart Your Fitness : Pump Up Your Heart
Pump up your heart : Swim, Power Walk, Cycle, Jog, Kickbox, do Aerobics, these helps training the heart, lungs and circulatory system to process oxygen and transport it to muscles more efficiently. Also burns calories and body fat, increases the metabolism and lung capacity, reducing the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes. ...Read Further...
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