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Homeopathic Cure > Homeopathic Remedies as Natural Cure for Hives

Hives (nettle rash or urticaria) are an allergic reaction characterized by flat or raised red blotches on the skin. They usually feel itchy and hot; in some cases swelling may be pronounced. Hives are caused by a variety of influences; food such as shellfish or strawberries, allopathic medications, insect bites, overheating, or exposure to sun. many food additives can cause hives as well. A homeopathic hives relief remedy can work quickly to stabilize the allergic reaction and reduce discomfort. Homeopathic allergic treatment medicine also helps in Preventing Hives outbreak in the future.

Homeopathic Natural Hives Cure Remedies for treating urticaria caused symptoms:


Homeopathic allergy relief medicine, Apis Mellifica, can be given in the following symptoms of Hives:

  • Raised red blotches that feel markedly worse from warmth of any kind.
  • Skin feels swollen and tense, as if it would burst; marked itching and stinging.
  • Insect bites and stings; reactions to eating shellfish or strawberries.
  • Allergic swelling of lips, face, or around eyes.
  • Worse when overheated; after exertion, exposure to sun, at night in bed, from fever. 

Homeopathic skin allergic cure medicine, Nux Vomica, can be administered to treat hives in these symptoms:

  • Hives with digestive complaints; food or drug allergies.
  • Itching with burning; chill from uncovering.
  • Irritability and impatience may be present. 

Pulsatilla is a common Homeopathic remedy for relieving hives (sudden rash outbreak) caused symptoms:

  • After eating rich or fatty foods, often accompanied by diarrhea.
  • In some cases where menstruation is delayed.
  • Worse from warmth and being in a closed room; better in open air. 

Rhus Toxicodendron is an effective natural medicine for treating Urticaria caused symptoms:

  • From cold air, getting wet, or during fever.
  • Restlessness.
  • Itching relieved by applying very hot water. 

Sulphur is another safe and natural homeopathic cure for treating allergic reaction under these triggering factors:

  • From food or drug allergies; during fever.
  • Great heat and itchiness, worse from warmth, exercise, and at night, better in cool air. 

For fast relief from nettle rash and raised hives, Urtica Urens, is highly recommended homeopathic remedy, especially under these rash triggering causes:

         True nettle rash; red and raised hives; itching and burning.

         Prickling, sunburned, or scalded sensation.

         Violent itching with desire to rub

         From eating shellfish or strawberries.

         Worse from warmth, exertion, any heat.

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