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Homeopathic Cure > Controlling and Managing Anger by Homeopathic Cure

Homeopathy is capable of stimulating profound emotional healing and has indeed helped many people with a wide variety of emotional difficulties by providing natural cure. Homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica is best suitable for person with violent anger. Homeopath recommends Homeopathic medicine Staphysagria is emotionally cure the person having deep set suppressed anger. Anger management, Prolonged or chronic, deeper emotional conditions are best addressed through constitutional treatment with a skilled homeopath. Trained and objective ear must listen at some length the detail of the personís story before prescribing the Homeopathic remedy and the dosage to cure the anger (managing both violent or suppressed) and relieving the person from unfavorable emotional conditions.

Controlling and Managing Anger by Homeopathic natural remedies


Nux Vomica is Homeopathic remedy for people who are highly ambitious, competitive, and driven to achieve. These Type A personalities are irritable, restless, impatient, and often have a tendency toward outbursts of anger and starting arguments. They can be quite bossy and intolerant of contradiction, and demand that others meet their high standards. Such people often crave stimulants (coffee, tobacco, alcohol) but are oversensitive to all kinds of stimuli: light, noise, odors, everything makes too strong an impression.


With nerves on edge, they can easily snap at those around them or completely lose their temper. The people with this type of anger have short fuses that can make them likely perpetrators of road rage and even acts of violence. Homeopathic natural anger control medicine Nux Vomica can be very effective in curbing & controlling such type of restlessness and impatience and make the person more calm and capable of controlling on his emotions and managing anger.


Homeopathic natural emotional control medicine Staphysagria is highly prescribed for the person who has deep anger. A person who needs Staphysagria has deep set anger that is strongly suppressed. Though the anger may be intensely felt, it is rarely expressed. In some instances, the suppression is so strong that he or she may be unaware of these emotional feelings. Often such a person is the emotional doormat in the workplace or family situation and has covered this anger with a sweetness or mildness.


Victims of rape, beatings, or emotional abuse often need Homeopathic remedy Staphysagria, as do those living under severe domination (such as from a spouse, parent, boss, government) where the expression of anger is not tolerated. Whether or not such obviously harsh conditions are present, as is a general feeling of violation, humiliation, or victimization. Anger will occasionally be shown in the form of the person throwing things or slamming doors.

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