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Abdominal Exercises > Best Abdominal Exercises to Tone & Flatten Stomach

If you are aiming at getting flat stomach and trimmer waistline, you should first lose the upper fat layer that is covering your ab muscles. Focus on the mid-section is necessary but you cannot get flat abs if you won’t concentrate on overall fat reduction. Cardiovascular exercise is very important to trim down the fat over your abdominal section to reveal the enticing six packs that are lying hidden underneath. Flattening of your stomach is possible with sensible combination of progressive strength training, cardios and correct eating. Abdominal Exercises that are considered to be the best to flatten your stomach involves Forward flexion exercises, Side flexion exercises, rotational exercises along with cardio workouts to boost your metabolism.


Flat Stomach and six pack abs are the dream goal for all fitness lovers. There are many Lose Belly Fat websites specially made just for achieving the goal of flat belly and losing the stomach fat. There are also many books that can help you to melt away the stubborn stomach fat and convert it into rock hard six pack abs for guys and highly desirable tight and lean belly for girls. There must be hundreds of weight loss diet plans and burn fat diet pills targeting to make you lose fat and that also quickly. Abs workouts and abdominal exercises also make you abolish the excess stomach fat and carve out the slim midsection. To increase the core section, there are many special stomach exercise equipment that firm up the abs and strengthen the middle section and you get tight muscled stomach. This abdominal exercise equipment is available both for gym and home use.


Best Abdominal Exercises to Tone & Flatten Stomach


Forward flexion exercises to train your torso should be done 3 times a  week include, crunches, sit-ups.

Side flexion exercises to work out your side ab muscles include side bends, side crunches.

Rotational exercises to be performed 3 times a week include trunk roations, standing twists.

Abdominal muscles like any other muscles should be trained 3 times a week and should be given adequate rest, increase the reps if you find the training easy, progressive traning is the key to stronger abdominal muscles that will help sculpting your waistline.


Cardiovascular workout has to be incorporated in your regular exercise regime to attain overall leaner look and trimmer body. To boost your metabolism do vigourous cardios for couple of minutes and then relax and do slower cardios to catch your breath, repeat this sequence for few times and you will achieve your goal of flatter stomach. Six-pack abs and trim waistline is not the result only of abdominal exercises but cardios is an important part of it. Correct posture is very necessary keeping your shoulders upright with comfortably tucked in tummy will make you look leaner and taller.


Maintaining a toned middle involves eating lesser calories and burning more. To ensure that body burns the stored fat, workout when your tummy is empty. Bulging Stomach being the most frustrating and most problematic areas, there is no easy way to tackle the problem of flattening the tummy.


For Toned tummy, you will have to workout all the four main abdominal muscles, the rectus abdominus, the transverse abdominus and both obliques. There are many stomach flattening abdominal exercises that work on rectus abdominus (ab muscle from sternum to the pubic bone). There are exclusive ab muscle exercises that target on the internal and external obliques and help you to attain trimmer and slimmer waistline. Transverse abdominus are usually ignored during the stomach exercises, correct and effective way to flat stomach needs to target on these set of ab muscles.

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