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Homeopathic Cure > Natural Homeopathic Wheezing Cough Cure Medicine

Homeopathic treatment to cure wheezing and chronic cough problems is both safe and effective. Difficulty in breathing due to acute bronchitis, bronchitis with wheezing or asthmatic breathing, Spasmodic, choking cough can be treated safely and naturally by taking homeopathic remedies from experienced homeopath. Now you can treat breathing problems and throat problems naturally, acute cough, chronic cough, phlegm, asthma related problems, all these symptoms can be relieved by choosing the correct homeopathic remedy treatment. Holistic approach towards curing the bronchitis and wheezing problems is gaining lot of popularity due to no side effects. Alternative natural medicines can easily cure the symptoms of breathing and cough problems.

Treat bronchitis with wheezing or asthmatic breathing naturally by effective Cough Relief Homeopathic medicine: Ipecacuanha is highly prescribed to relieve these symptoms of wheezing, choking cough:

         Rapidly developing bronchitis with wheezing or asthmatic breathing

         Nausea, retching, or vomiting during, cough

         Rattling, wet cough; worse in warm, humid weather

         Weakness and difficulty raising mucus

         Spasmodic, choking cough

         Nosebleed during cough


Natural Homeopathic medicine for Cough or wheezing symptoms Relief, Kali Carbonicum for curing the following symptoms of the bronchitis cough:


         Cough or Wheezing worse between 2.00 and 4.00 AM

         Chilly, sensitive to drafts and cold air

         Tickling sensation in throat on first lying down at night

         Symptoms worse lying flat; better from sitting up or bending forward


Phosphorus is natural homeopathic treatment for curing these wheezing and cough symptoms:

         Wheezing or coughing worse from talking, laughing, or going from a warm room into cool air

         Chest feels tight or constricted

         Craving for iced or cold drinks, though chilly

         Nosebleed or blood-tinged nasal mucus

         Anxiety and fear of the dark; desire for company


Pulsatilla is ideal natural homeopathic remedy to treat difficult breathing and bronchitis cough signs:

         Difficult breathing and coughing worse at night in bed and in the morning

         Symptoms worse lying flat; better lying propped up with pillows or sitting up

         Symptoms worse from emotional, in warm room; better in open air

         Yellow or greenish mucus with cough

         Person may be mild, affectionate, and weepy, craving reassurance and company

         Little or no thirst, even with fever; dry lips

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