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Homeopathic Cure > Natural Homeopathic Gas & Bloating Relief Remedies

Excess gas forming in the stomach and intestine occurs when the digestive process is out of balance. Homeopathic natural medicines are highly recommended to provide relief to digestive disorders including gas. Gas can cause lot of bloating, pain, flatulence, bloating, belching, distension, and can be highly discomfort. Homeopathic remedies help alleviate the discomfort and soothing the pain caused by excessive gas in stomach. A variety of stresses can also play a role in digestive problems. Whatever the cause, a homeopathic remedy can help the body restore balance. Eating more slowly and chewing thoroughly helps to break down food better, making gas less likely.

Natural Homeopathic Gas, Bloating, Belching, Flatulence Relief and Cure Remedies


Argentum Nitricum, homeopathic medicine is recommended under these symptoms of stomach disorder:

  • Much loud and intense flatulence and belching
  • After eating sweets
  • Worse from anxiety 

Homeopathic remedy, Carbo Vegetabilis, is administered when the bloating is excessive, this natural digestive cure medicine is very safe and effective.

  • Tremendous bloating from any kind of food, about half an hour after eating
  • Frequent belching, which helps alleviate the discomfort
  • Flatulence may be worse at night and when lying down
  • Marked craving for fresh air or being fanned. 

China is the homeopathic alternative medicine to be given when the gas seems to be trapped.

  • Trapped abdominal gas that won’t easily move up or down
  • Rumbling and distension; cramping
  • Passing gas and belching do not relieve discomfort
  • Aggravated by fruit, milk, fat and beer. 

Lycopodium provides instant relief to the person with problem of distension and abdominal discomfort:

  • Bloating and distension, even from eating a small amount of food
  • Loud rumbling
  • Discomfort relieved temporarily by belching and passing gas
  • Aggravated by onions, cabbage, oysters, wheat
  • Symptoms may be worse between 4:00 and 8:00 P.M, or in the morning on rising

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