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Homeopathic Cure > Natural Stomach Acidity Relief & Indigestion Cure

Indigestion is a term used to describe a variety of acute abdominal discomforts that develop after eating. Simply slowing down or eating less at mealtime can help prevent symptoms such as heartburn, queasiness, belching, and gas. Homeopathic natural remedies provide instant relief for stomach acid reflux. Homeopathic therapy is a holistic cure for Acid Indigestion. Homeopaths prescribe natural remedies for preventing flatulence, gas and belching associated with digestive disorders. Stomach heaviness, acidity, bloating, cramping, distended stomach, spasms, sharp abdominal pains, heartburn, nausea, all these symptoms can be relieved and controlled by natural homeopathic remedies and medicines that are safe and effective.

Other factors that can contribute to indigestion include poor diet and mental or emotional stress. The following homeopathic natural remedies will help alleviate occasional digestive upset.


Arsenicum Album is the effective homeopathic medicine for relieving the signs of indigestion and stomach burning.

  • Marked burning in esophagus and stomach
  • Desire for frequent small sips of water
  • Worse from cold food and drinks
  • Better from warm drinks or milk


Bryonia Alba is suitable homeopathic natural cure for stomach heaviness and belching.

  • Heaviness, like a stone, in stomach after eating
  • Bitter belching
  • Worse from the least movement
  • May be accompanied by constipation


Carbo Vegetabilis provides natural relief in case of flatulence, acid reflux and gas.

  • Tremendous bloating with indigestion about half an hour after eating
  • Frequent belching, which helps alleviate discomfort
  • Heartburn and gas
  • Marked craving for fresh air or being fanned


Chamomilla, homeopathic remedy is advisable to cure bloating, distended stomach along with diarrhea naturally.

  • Indigestion following a fit of anger or irritability
  • Distended abdomen and painful cramping
  • Bitter taste in mouth
  • May be accompanied by greenish diarrhea


Nux Vomica is common homeopathic treatment for providing natural relief for cramping, belching, stomach acidity.

  • Indigestion after overindulgence in food, alcohol, coffee, or tobacco
  • Cramping, spasms, or sharp pains; heartburn, belching with bitter reflux; bloating
  • Frequent but ineffective urging to belch or move bowels
  • Better from warmth or warm drinks. 

Homeopathic indigestion control remedy, Pulsatilla provides relief for bloating, nausea associated with overindulgence over rich food.

  • Indigestion from fats and rich foods, ice cream, pork
  • Bloating and nausea; no thirst
  • Feeling peevish, weepy, or whiny; desiring sympathy.

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