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Diabetes Treatment > Natural Diabetes Treatment by Homeopathic Remedies

The homeopathic Diabetes Control remedies are given according to the symptoms of the individual person with diabetes disorder. There are many Homeopathic Remedies according to the symptoms and requirement of the diabetic person. If you donít want to be dependent on insulin injection, do try the alternative medicine area Homeopathy treatment for Natural Diabetes Mellitus control. The aim of Natural Diabetes Treatment by Homeopathic Remedies is best achieved by dietary control, regular active lifestyle and adopting the natural method of treating diabetes with full belief. Here are the Homeopathic Diabetes cure remedies that are usually given by the homeopath after taking the case history of the diabetic person.

We have listed different set of symptoms of Diabetes, select the Homeopathic Diabetes Natural cure remedy that is most similar to your conditions and symptoms of diabetes and consume it according to the dosage. Please remember this is just for reference; always consult your Homeopathic practitioner before taking any dose of the homeopathic remedy.


List of Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes Management, Symptoms of Diabetic person, Dosage for Diabetes Control and Cure:


Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: Syzygium j.Q (Mother Tincture), 8 - 10 drops,

Dosage: 4 Hourly.

Homeopathic natural Diabetes Cure Remedy Syzygium j.Q is primary remedy recommended to control the blood sugar level in diabetic patient.


Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: Uranium Nit. 3X,

Dosage: 4 Hourly.

Homeopathic natural Diabetes Cure Remedy Uranium Nit. is recommended by the homeopath in case of emaciation is marked in diabetic patient.


Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: Acid Phos.Q or 6X

Dosage: 4 Hourly.

Homeopathic natural Diabetes management Remedy Acid Phos.Q is given when the diabetic patient is suffering from nervous weakness. In case, the symptoms of Diabetic men are that he feels lethargic, listless and overall weakness.


Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: Natrum Mur 12X or 30

Dosage: 4 Hourly.

Homeopathic natural Diabetes Control Remedy Natrum Mur is given under the pronounced symptom of excessive thirsty feeling among the diabetic. Also when the diabetic patient is suffering from wasting disease, if the person is feeling sad and in presence of constipation.


Intercurrent Homeopathic remedy for Diabetes: Medorrhinum 200 to be taken fortnightly. Number of Doses being three.


Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: Cephalandra Ind. Q (mother tincture), 5 -10 drops.

Dosage: 4 Hourly.

Homeopathic natural diabetes relief Remedy Cephalandra Ind. Q is given when diabetic patient is suffering from of general powerlessness, feeling very thirsty, passing more urine, with frequent occurrence of boils along with problem of diabetic itching.


Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: Gymnema Syl. Q., 5 - 10 drops

Dosage: 4 Hourly.

Homeopathic safe and natural diabetes cure medicine Gymnema Syl. Q is given in case of problem of general incapability in diabetic patient. When the diabetic person complains of excessive thirst along with dryness in mouth along with the problem of urination more frequently at night and in large quantity. This natural remedy can also be administered when there is complain of pruritus vulvae without eruptions.

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