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Liver Disorders Treatment > Chronic Hepatitis Treatment & Liver Biopsy Method

Find here the detailed information about the Chronic Hepatitis Treatment Method, Liver Biopsy procedure and Prognosis of chronic hepatitis.
The treatment method procedure for curing chronic hepatitis involves physical examination and blood tests to evaluate liver function and to look for causes of the hepatitis. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor may use an imaging technique such as ultrasound scanning. A liver biopsy, in which a small piece of liver is removed for microscopic examination, may be done to determine the nature and severity of liver damage.

Chronic Hepatitis caused by infection with the hepatitis B or C viruses may respond to treatment with particular antiviral drugs (Interferon drugs). These drugs are usually taken long term to prevent hepatitis from recurring. They can cause significant side effects, and monitoring is needed. People with chronic hepatitis caused by an autoimmune reaction are usually treated indefinitely with corticosteroids, which may be combined with immunosuppressant drugs. If the liver has been damaged by a drug, it should recover slowly as long as the drug is stopped. If chronic hepatitis is due to a metabolic disorder, treatment of that underlying disorder may slow the progress of liver damage.


Liver Biopsy procedure

In a liver biopsy, a sample of tissue is removed from the liver to diagnose a variety of disorders, including cirrhosis, hepatitis, and cancer. Liver Biopsy procedure is performed in the hospital under local anesthesia and the sample is sent to a laboratory for microscopic examination. You will need to remain in bed for up to 6 hours afterwards, lying on your right side at first to prevent bleeding. The biopsy site may be tender for a few days. During the Liver Biopsy procedure, a hollow needle is inserted into the liver through a small incision between the right lower ribs. A sample of tissue is collected. You will be asked to exhale and stay completely still until the needle is withdrawn.


Prognosis of chronic hepatitis 

The prognosis depends on the cause of the hepatitis. Chronic viral hepatitis usually progresses slowly, and it may take years before problems such as cirrhosis and liver failure develop. People with chronic hepatitis are at increased risk of developing liver cancer, particularly if hepatitis is due to infection with the hepatitis B or C virus. Without treatment, approximately 1 in 2 people who have autoimmune chronic hepatitis develop liver failure after 5 years. Hepatitis due to a metabolic disorder tends to get progressively worse, often ending in liver failure. In the case of liver failure, a liver transplant may be considered.

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