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First Aid Techniques > CPR Resuscitation First Aid Technique: Open Airway

CPR Resuscitation First Aid Technique to Open Airways of the Casualty
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Technique is very useful life-saving method to clear the airway and forcing the heart to pump back normally. An unconscious casualty’s airway may become narrowed or blocked. This makes breathing difficult and noisy, or completely impossible. The main reason for this is that muscular control in the throat is lost, which makes the tongue to fall back and block the airway. Lifting the chin and tilting the head back lifts the tongue away from the entrance to the air passage, allowing the casualty to breathe.

To Open The Airways of the Casualty

Placing two fingers under the point of the casualty’s chin, lift the jaw. At the same time, place your other hand on the casualty’s forehead and gently tilt the head well back. If you think that there are head or neck injuries, handle the head very carefully to avoid injuring the casualty further. Tilt the head back very slightly , just far enough to open the casualty’s airway.

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