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Spa Treatments & Resorts

The Spa is where the body, mind and soul unite in unsurpassed luxury. Services are personalized, enjoy pampering and experience tranquility in a casually elegant environment. All treatments are designed to maximize therapeutic results and enhance the ultimate feeling of relaxation, while healing the body and soul.

Yoga Detox Retreat Vacation Resort & Spa, Ibiza

USP of Detox Yoga retreat Ibiza in Ibiza, Spain: Yogis are invited from all over to teach Yoga their style. Ibiza is this Spanish island of revelry also houses a complete yoga retreat, Ibiza. The Yoga taught here is Ashtanga based, practiced to maintain balance, flexibility and strength both body and soul. Ashtanga yoga is believed to increase blood circulation through inverted postures and dynamic movement. At Detox yoga retreat, Ibiza they believe, Ashtanga yoga was apparently discovered thousands of years ago as Sanskrit writing on leaves, put together as a series of postures in the 1930’s by Sri Patabi Jois, a guru of this style of yoga and dance. .. Read More ...

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Detox Resort & Slimming Spa

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Detox Resort & Slimming Spa Retreats

Clinique La Prairie, Clarens-Montreux Switzerland, Anti-Ageing Skin Care Spa
On the far side of Lake Geneva in Clarens is Clinique La Prairie. It proffers preventive medicine and revitalization treatments that slow down the process of cell-aging. The revitalization treatment is advised to patients on the wrong side of their 40s and is a preventive medicine program that attracted patients from 86 different nationalities. The anti-wrinkle treatment called Electroridopuncture (Simonin) uses gold needles inserted into the face and with electric pressure stimulates collagen deep inside. .. Read More ...

Stoweflake Moutain Detox Resort & Spa, USA

Stoweflake Moutain Detox Resort & Spa, Vermont, USA
Stoweflake Moutain Resort & Spa mirrors its pristine, peaceful environment through custom wellness programs and natural, non-evasive treatments, ideal for detoxing. The Detox spa’s mountain-inspired design evokes the spirit of the area’s natural landscape. Using indigenous, therapeutic products, it specializes in exclusive healing and anti-aging remedies for the body and soul. .. Read More ...

Weight Loss Camps Detox Spa Retreat Fitness Resort

Natural Weight Loss Fitness Retreats and Healthy Weight Loss Resorts & Cleansing Detox Spas help the person overcome the difficult habit of the overweight person like food cravings, bingeing, snacking and replace it with livable healthy eating habits that are more practical than conventional healthy diet recommendations. Health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, back and cervical pain, that pose the problem in exercising are discussed. Diabetic Overweight person or person with back pain is educated how to exercise to avoid the injury & successfully managing the disorders. .. Read More ...

Weight Loss Camp Fitness Resort Detox Spa Retreats

Natural Weight Loss Fitness Health Retreats and Healthy Weight Loss Resorts & Fasting Detox Spas organizes weight loss camps that are real fun way to bring together like minded people who want to lose weight and stay slimmer and fitter. You will learn lots of low calorie healthy and tasty food recipes. Fitness exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Low impact Aerobics, Aqua Sports and many more fun activities will make your heart pumping and boost your metabolism. Burning calories, converting fat into muscle mass, weight loss, everything is possible in these Weight loss & Cleansing Detox Retreats. .. Read More ...

Grotta Giusti, Natural Spa, Osteopathic Treatment

Grotta Giusti, Natural Spa Resort, Osteopathic Treatments, Tuscany, Italy
Deep in the heart of Tuscany, the elegant and hospitable Grotta Giusti, Natural Spa Resort – formerly the 19th Century villa of the Italian poet Giuseppe Giusti natural spring contains bicarbonate, sulphate, chloride, magnesium and calcium and reaches the surface at a temperature of 34-35 degrees C. Ideal for a relaxing warm soak. One of the premium treatments here include osteopathy, which is the correction of mechanical imbalances within the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It’s based on specific manual techniques which help regain functional mobility and re-establish equilibrium of the psyche and energies. .. Read More ...

Elements Pre & Post natal Care Detox Spa, Kuwait

Elements Pre & Post natal Care Detox Spa, Jabriyah, Kuwait
The Elements Spa by Banyan Tree in the Royale Hayat Hospital offers traditional Asian pre and post-natal remedies for mothers. Popular post-natal treatments are Jamu Rejoice and Silhouette Wrap that help women regain their figures post pregnancy and Detox with traditional Indonesian massages and wraps. .. Read More ...

Quan Detoxification Spa at the JW Marriot, Mumbai

Quan Detoxification Spa at the JW Marriot, Mumbai
The Quan Detox spa with its aqua-inspired décor (the water wall installation is the first thing that welcomes you), soft music and an air heavy with exotic oil aromas is a spa of many talents. The Quan spa’s lexicon explores the symbiotic relationship between water and the mental and physical well-being of a person (quan means source of pure water in Chinese). The starting point is always the herbal Saffron iced tea. Once done, you are led into the spacious therapy rooms (each designed according to a chakra) offer an assortment of massages. .. Read More ...

Beer Spa Therapy Treatment for Great Skin & Hair

Luxurious Spa Resorts are the best places to unwind and have rejuvenating experience. Best Spas around the world has some common spa features like health, beauty and therapeutic programs. Guests at these Luxurious spa resorts also enjoy revitalizing cold plunge pools, sauna, Jacuzzis. Latest spa therapy treatment involves beer baths. The curative Beer spa therapy is the latest in the luxury spa treatment for glowing skin and lustrous hair. Beer spa therapy is extremely rejuvenating. Many spa resorts around the world are offering luxurious Beer dips for the great invigorating experience. .. Read More ...

Dead Sea Salt Soak Baths For Glowing Skin

Spa treatment can be experienced right in your home. There is nothing like a comforting bath to ease away the tensions of the day! Whenever you need to chill and recuperate just take a relaxing shower or bath. Minerals and salts make bath water feel silky and leave your skin cleansed and soft. You can even fight cellulite by using Dead Sea Salt soak bath. Sea salts will ease muscular strain and adding them to the bath is a superb way to tone, firm and tighten your loose and flabby skin. For exquisite Spa Treatment, Wrap In An Aquatic Hug And Glow!. Here are some sure-fire ways to help you begin with a soothing bath. .. Read More ...

Melissa: Lemon Balm Oil & Its Health Benefits

Melissa, lemon balm originated in the Near East. Melissa, lemon balm oil has great therapeutic effect. The oil’s most important active ingredients are citral, citronellal and geraniol. According to aroma therapists this essential oil has many benefits, ranging from easing anxiety, insomnia and depression to treating menstrual complaints. Lemon balm is prescribed to fight infections; relieve spasms and cramps; stimulate liver function; relax the muscles of the airways and make breathing easier, when respiratory passages become tight or congested due to allergic reactions, asthma, coughs and colds. Lemon balm oil is also effective in reducing pain, fever and flatulence. .. Read More ...

Hot Stone Therapy: The Latest Spa Treatment

Hot stone therapy is the latest buzz as spa treatments go. Hot stone therapy is the hot new fad with a holistic touch. There are many benefits of hot stone therapy. It reduces stress and anxiety, stimulates the circulatory system, relaxes muscles, detoxifies the body and balances the nervous system. Different technique is used in different spa. Some spa use both hot and cold stones. Some spa use hot stones that are volcanic – basalt- which absorb and retain heat well, decongesting the body and relieving aches. The cold ones are sedimentary, from the depths of the ocean. They are rich in minerals and provide an invigorating, astringent effect. .. Read More ...

Best Spa Resorts - Luxurious & Rejuvenating

A full-service spa and health club features an extensive variety of services, from a pampering session for those who need a boost to a challenging workout for the fitness-minded. Spa provides an array of therapies for your indulgence. Featuring natural skin and body treatments, relaxing and rejuvenating signature massage treatments, manicures and pedicures and other beauty treatments. .. Read More ...

Spa Resorts: Indulge In Luxurious Massage

Spa Resorts use natural ingredients from fruits and herbs to exfoliate and help the skin breath. Your body's circulatory system would also be charged after this pampering procedure of the Spa treatments. One must seek to rejuvenate oneself and let your Skin Glow life with Spa treatments . Spa Resorts provides for all these mystical healing properties of health, life and total well being for the body. Spa Resorts help in detoxifying and rejuvenating, it is ideal way to unwind yourself. If you are workout lover then you would know how excruciating a good workout can be, that is why Spa Resorts provides the best post-workout treatments to reward you after the hard work. .. Read More ...

Indulge in Spa Treament in the best of the spa resorts.

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