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Reconstructive surgery differs from cosmetic surgery in its goals. The Reconstructive surgery is performed on the abnormalities . Breast Reconstruction after breast cancer is the prime example where the woman concerned can have a normal life. These can be due to congenital defects, development problems, trauma related, due to tumors or cancer or some other major disease. Unlike cosmetic surgery that is mainly to improve appearance, reconstructive surgery is generally done to improve the function of the concerned organ. Reconstructive improves not only the quality of the performance but also improves the self confidence of the person.

Birth related defects ( congenital abnormalities ) examples : cleft-lip, palate deformities; hand deformities like webbed fingers, extra or missing fingers, abnormal breast development.

Acquired deformities examples: Burn wounds, lacerations, growths, and aging problems.

Person who has suffered from paralysis might be having asymmetrical face, Reconstructive surgery can give him a balancing face. Person may require eyelid surgery if he is having redundant or drooping eyelid skin blocking his field of vision. A young child suffering from deformed ears can have reconstructive otoplasty.

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is the reconstructive procedure designed to give a woman smaller, more comfortable breasts in proportion with the rest of her body. Women who has suffered from breast cancer and lost her breast can also have reconstructive surgery to have breast reconstruction.

Reconstructive surgery for the tumors, both cancerous and benign, is performed for the removal of the growth. Skin cancers and growths are simply removed completely with a scalpel, leaving a small thin scar. If the cancer is large or spreading, major surgery may be necessary, using flaps to reconstruct the affected area.

There are few points worth checking out presurgery : If he or she ;


         has a connective-tissue disease.

         has areas of damaged skin from radiation therapy.

         he has decreased circulation to the surgical area.

         has poor nutrition.

         regularly takes aspirin or some other medication that affects blood clotting.


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