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Yoga is an Indian fitness system that enables people to stay healthy and balance their internal and external systems, in order to achieve a happy and healthy life.

Yogic Weight Loss Diet & Yoga Weight Loss Workout

Benefits of Yogic Weight Loss Diet & Yoga Weight Loss Workout:
Yogic Weight Loss Diet & Yoga Weight Loss Workout is excellent for overall body and mind conditioning. Here are the Yoga weight Loss secrets. Yogic weight control diet brings purity and calmness to the mind and is both soothing and nourishing to the body. Yogic diet not only help in weight management but also unlike other diets that makes you feel depressed and deprived, the Yogic weight control Diet promotes cheerfulness, serenity and mental clarity. Iron Yoga session with resistance weights help you to convert fat into muscles, boosts your metabolism and burn more calories. Yoga weight Loss Exercises improves the metabolism level and help you trim the abdominal muscles and get tighter flat stomach. .. Read More ...

Benefits of the Sun Salutation Asana Yoga Postures

Surya Namaskara or Salutation to the Sun comprises of twelve postures practiced along with rhythmic breathing and prayerful contemplation of the divine power. The Sun, deity of health and long life being the most effulgent and life-giving force for this planet, forms the visible representation of the invisible Almighty. Suryanamaskar or Salutation to the Sun is a prayer in motion that allows us to use the body as an instrument of higher awareness, so that we can receive wisdom and knowledge. The practice of Sun Salutation Yoga Pose (Surya Namaskar / Suryanamaskara) is considered to be deepened when the accompanying mantras and chakra awareness meditation are performed in each position. .. Read More ...

Kundalini Cosmic Energy Healing by Yoga Breathing

Chakras & Kundalini Cosmic Energy Healing by Yoga Breathing Exercises & Techniques: Practicing Yoga breathing exercises, Meditation, pranayam (breath control in Yogic terms), have many pranic benefits. The prana, when consciously controlled, is a powerful vitalizing and regenerating force. Controlling over the prana is beneficial for self development. By exercising control over breathing, you can learn to control the subtle energies within the mind, and ultimately gain full control over the mind. Various Yoga techniques and yoga breathing exercises help yoga practitioners to help activate the body's chakras. Divine Cosmic energy is ignited by fire of the Yoga. .. Read More ...

Yoga Plow Pose Halasana, Stress release Benefits

Yoga Pose Plough / Plow (Halasana) is very beneficial extreme forward bending exercise having many stress release benefits. Yoga poses are considered to be natural stress relievers. For the natural stress relief cure treatment, yoga exercise sessions are highly recommended. Strengthening and flexibility of the back and neck can be acquired by the practice of this highly beneficial yoga fitness exercise. Strong and flexible spine helps in alleviating many back problems. Yoga is great for overall health and sleeping problems, indigestion, constipation all can be worries of past if you are regular with Yoga exercises. To achieve the maximum benefits from yoga poses, always wear correct yoga clothing and use yoga accessories like yoga cushions, Yoga mats, Yoga balls, Yoga benches, Yoga chairs, Yoga Equipment and even Yoga videos, Yoga music are beneficial for learning and relaxing. .. Read More ...

Yoga Posture Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana Benefits

Yoga Balancing Postures are very good yoga fitness exercise that has many benefits. Sarvangasana is rightly called queen of all yoga asanas. Many benefits can be reaped from Shoulderstand Yoga Pose (Salamba Sarvangasana) which is a unique yoga posture that ensures that thyroid functions better by strengthening and balancing the function of the thyroid which is supervision of other glands. Shoulder stand yoga asana helps in promoting the growth of the body, regulating metabolism and heat production.
Yoga clothing should be comfortable and to correctly maintain the yoga poses, there are many yoga equipment Yoga balls, Yoga benches, Yoga chairs. For practiving yoga in comfort you can use the yoga accessories like yoga cushions, Yoga pillows, Yoga mats and yoga bolsters. .. Read More ...

Headstand Yoga Posture & Yoga Exercise Benefits

Headstand Yoga posture is one of the most powerful yoga postures. Headstand Yoga posture is often referred to as the King of the Yoga Asanas because of its numerous mental and physical benefits. Many rightly see Headstand Yoga posture as panacea for all human ailments. If you have only a short time to practice, and want to maximize the benefits, do the Headstand Yoga posture. Yoga fitness exercises are getting more popularity as compared to Gym fitness exercises. .. Read More ...

Yoga Weight Loss Exercises & Abs Legs Butt Toning

At the Gym you do these fitness exercises: Weight Loss, Leg and Butt Trimmer
The Yoga Alternative pose: Padahastanasana / Standing forward bend
How this yoga pose Works: Applies pressure on abdomen, back of legs, hips and thighs. The muscles are worked more powerfully when learning to hold pose for long.
Other Variations of Yoga pose:
Beginners: Single forward bend.
Advanced: Spread legged forward bend.
Benefits of Padahastanasana / Standing forward bend Yoga Posture over other Gym Fitness Exercises .. Read More ...

Yoga Postures Weight Loss & Firm Toned Abdominals

Yoga Postures are safer way to lose weight and get flatter stomach than other forms of fitness exercises. Yoga Asanas are injury proof and better for tighter abs & burning fat. Even diabetic patient can benfit from the Yoga poses.
At the Gym you do these fitness exercises: AB Acruncher/ Weight Loss
The Yoga Alternative Asana: Paschimottanasana / Westward facing forward bend.
How this Yoga pose Works: Applies tremendous pressure on the abdomen. The stretch on the entire leg-thigh-hip region trims this area. .. Read More ...

Physical & Mental Benefits of Yoga Natural Therapy

Yoga Asanas have physical, Mental and Pranic Benefits. Yoga postures are designed to promote overall well being. Physical Benefits of Yoga Fitness Exercises entails stretching of the spine and muscles of the body, toning of the abdominal muscles, upper body and lower body. Yoga exercises promote flexibility of the body and invigorate the circulation. Mental benefits of Yoga Asanas involve reducing the mental stress and alleviating anxiety feeling. Yoga Poses increase pranic energy, which can be utilized for awakening the spiritual potential. .. Read More ...

Yoga Exericses to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscles

Contrary to popular belief, yoga fitness exercises can burn calories and convert fat into lean muscles, prevent muscle loss and tone the body. There are many who would say that the lean muscle building through yoga is far more effective than going to gym and weight lifting route. When you lift weights at the gym, you work out one set of muscles to the exclusion of the others. In yoga, you work out one set superbly while reaping benefits for the entire body. .. Read More ...

Yoga & Ayurvedic Natural Treatment For Back Pain

Back and Lumber Pain and other symptoms can be relieved and prevented with a combination of ayurvedic oil therapies and yoga exercises. Yoga postures and ayurvedic therapies are aimed at strengthening the muscles and ligaments, reducing inflammation, relieving compression, and rejuvenation of the degenerated discs, bones muscles and ligaments. .. Read More ...

Iron Power Yoga Total Body Firming Workout Routine

Get sleek and limber with Iron Yoga. Combine two popular forms of exercise, namely yoga and weight training and get one total body firming routine Iron Yoga. Add a little weight for firmer, shapelier muscles. The brain child of triathlete Anthony Carillo, Iron Yoga was developed to fit yoga into his grueling training schedule. While you are lunging or balancing in a yoga pose, your legs and torso muscles are working hard to keep you upright. Pick up a pair of dumbbells and suddenly your upper body muscles are in on the act. The yoga yields a stronger lower body, greater flexibility, straighter posture and reduced stress. And the dumbbells add knockout arms, shoulders and back, increased upper body strength and stronger bones. .. Read More ...

Chakras & Kundalini Cosmic Energy Healing by Yoga

Yogic science recognizes that spiritual health is activated by a system of chakras or nerve centres, said to be located within the spinal column. Cosmic energy lies coiled within these chakras and has to be awakened for self realization. Chakras transform cosmic energy into spiritual energy. Kundalini is the divine, cosmic energy which exists as a latent force in everyone. When the prakriti shakti or the energy of nature is awakened, it gravitates toward the very core of the soul or purusha shakti. Yogic science recognized this connection from the very beginning. .. Read More ...

Ayurvedic & Yoga Treatment For Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is a distressing disease which can cause immobility if not attended properly. Lumbar spondylosis, slip disc, sciatica are very common. As according to Ayurvedic view is that low back pain is a result of vitiation of one of the three principal 'doshas'. Low back pain is an indication of Vata aggravation and bone and muscle weakness. Internal and external Ayurvedha treatments entail bringing back the balance and health. Special back pain cure Yoga postures and Asanas, helps in maintaining the natural position of the muscles and spinal curve. .. Read More ...

Benefits of Yoga Postures Asanas Fitness Exercise

Yoga Postures and Yoga Asanas have many multiple benefits. Yoga fitness exercises are beneficial for body & Yoga Breathing exercises are beneficial for fighting stress and peace of mind. If you join Yoga classes , you will find many multifold benefits of Yoga Postures over Gym fitness exercises. These Yogic benefits are featured here.

At the Gym you do these fitness exercises: Work the Pectorals
The Yoga Alternative Asana: Matsyasana/Fish
How this Yoga pose Works: The chest is pushed up against gravity, involving the entire range of muscles in this region.
Other Variations of Yoga pose:
Beginners: Single legged fish with props like cushions.
Advanced: Chakrasana / wheel. All other challenging variations such as hand lifts in wheel, or leg lifts, or hand leg lifts of the same side / alternative sides, Supta vajrasana / lying thunderbolt, fish in lotus.
.. Read More ...

Yoga Fitness Exercises for Flat Abs & Toned Body

Yoga Fitness Exercises can prove to be effective muscle builder due to its cardio effect. In fact, to achieve flat stomach, trimmer abs and tightened butts and overall body toning and flexibility yoga postures can prove to be more fruitful than Gym fitness exercises. Yoga Breathing exercises are great stress buster, improve the blood circultion & improve memory
At the Gym you do these fitness exercises: Bicep Exercises
The Yoga Alternative Asana: Sirsasana/Headstand. In this Yoga Pose, you learn to rest your entire body weight on your arms. .. Read More ...

Yoga Postures & Fitness Exercises to Build Muscles

Yoga Postures & Fitness Exercises are very effective in achieving your goals to develop muscles. In fact if you are doing yoga postures regularly you will realize that overall development of muscles and body conditioning is even better then developing muscles with the help of Gym Exercise equipment. With yoga postures the whole body is toned and you burn fat and develop muscles much more effectively and safely by holding the Yoga postures. .. Read More ...

Teen Yoga : Ensure Healthy Life For Teenager Child

Yoga during teenager times plays a vital role in development of the rational brain and help mind of the children to grow in tandem with the body that otherwise lead to chaotic growth. Yoga if practiced during this tender age of teens ensures that your teenager child will lead better healthier life. Yoga with emphasis on raja yoga ( mind control ) such as trataka ( eye exercise ) and dharana ( concentration ) will make sure that when the rest of the world is smothered in addictions , your teen yogi will resist these self destructive habits like smoking etc. Yogic teens have stronger immunity healthy cardiac and blood circulatory system. .. Read More ...

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, the new fitness trends

The new fitness trends: Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates ; Yoga links stretching exercises, breathing and meditation through the repetition of a series of poses. Tai Chi is a slow motion Chinese martial art designed to increase the chi, or life energy. Pilates is a muscle-lengthening program which focuses on the body’s core. Reduces tension and relaxes the body. Protects against the injuries and enhances circulation. Regular practice can boost the immune system and reduce chronic diseases including arthritis , diabetes and thyroid disorders. .. Read More ...

Anyone can do yogano matter how young or old you are, whether youre a couch potato or a professional athlete. Size and fitness level do not matter because there are modifications for every yoga pose.

Yoga teaches you to focus on breathing while you hold the poses. This attention to breath is calming; it dissolves stress and anxiety.

Yoga is practiced by people from all religions; it is nondenominational. Yoga teaches right living in how we deal with ourselves and others.

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