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Horse Riding For Fitness

Horse riding is not just a pastime for the fit, but a sport that can make you fit. Horse riding is a great fitness potion, which can be both fun and challenging. Horse riding is an enjoyable activity that helps improve fitness, balance, co-ordination and confidence. One should be warned that first few times would make you aware of the muscles that you never knew existed, reason being that they will undoubtedly ache but if you have the will power to hang on then you are bound t be rewarded with the great workout and fit body. Horse riding is fast becoming passion among the fittest physically and mentally. There are many vaunted benefits of horse riding. A riding session addresses many fitness aspects; Fat burning, Limbering up, Strengthening the core, Boosting flexibility, Quicker reflexes, Better relationships, No boredom, No exercise blues, A great stress buster.

Equestrian Weight Lifting & Strength Training

Equestrian Weight Lifting and Strength Training are great way to improve muscle mass, more flexibility and agility needed to become avid horse rider. Muscular strength assists horseback riders in better controlling a horse, both from the ground and in the saddle, letting the horse know who is boss and in riding more safely. A horse can easily decipher if a rider is weak and ineffective. Not only will a horse sometimes simply not respond to a weak rider, but he also can react badly because the weak and ineffective rider is not capable of giving the horse the confidence for which he looks to the rider to provide at uncertain moments. .. Read More ...

Horse Riding, Equestrian Weight Lifting and Strength Training are great way to bulit muscle mass that help to improve metabolism to burn more calories.

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