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Sleep debt is the total number of hours of sleep that you have lost, one sleep deprived night after another, it is cumulative and can mount up to one whole night of sleep debt in a week. You may experience waves of extreme fatigue; itchy, burning eyes; emotional fragility; loss of focus; even hunger as your body tries to find a way to become energized and stay upright. Sleep debt can also cause serious health problems down the line. Chronic sleep deprivation may increase your risk of high blood pressure, and heart disease, and well as diabetes (by speeding age related changes in the way your body uses glucose). There are many serious sleep disorders, like restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, depression and thyroid irregularities.

Treat Child & Toddler Sleeping Problems Naturally

Cure the sleeping disorder problems in children and toddler naturally.
Many children sleep through the night by the age of 12 months, but 1 in 3 children has frequent wakeful nights, a common sleeping problem in infants, toddlers and children, until the age 5 or later. Sleeping problem rarely cause ill health but may disrupt family life and can affect school performance in older children. Sleep disturbance problem in children is usually temporary and may occur only because of a lack of change of routine. Sleeping Disorder problem in child may also be related to illnesses, particularly those causing a high temperature, or to anxiety, such as that caused by family quarrels. There are various types of Sleeping Problems in Toddlers & Children, and the treatment for the sleep disrupt wakeful nights also vary accordingly. .. Read More ...

Natural Homeopathic Cure for Sleeping Problems

Homeopathic Insomnia relief cure is the natural treatment for curing sleeplessness. Homeopathic is the alternative treatment for curing sleep related problems and is very effective without any side effects. Sleep disorder symptoms vary and there are different homeopathic remedies for different signs of sleeping problems. Always consult homeopath for the correct choice and dosage of the homeopathic medicine for curing sleep related problems. .. Read More ...

Insomnia Sleep Disorder Natural Homeopathic Cure

Natural Homeopathic Treatment is very effective in curing the sleep disorders. Homeopathic cure the underlying cause of the insomnia and that is why this natural treatment is more reliable. Insomnia being the symptom and not the disease, understanding the cause of the sleep disorder is very necessary. Homeopathic remedies cures chronic insomnia and other sleep maintenance problems. Natural homeopathic sleep aid remedies kit assist in making you sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Relief from occasional sleeplessness can also be derived from one of the following remedies. Insomnia may be related to another condition or illness, or it can be caused by medications. When insomnia is an ongoing problem, constitutional treatment may be necessary. .. Read More ...

Avoid Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - Breathe Correctly

Breathe in, breathe out. If you thought getting your daily supply of oxygen was as simple as that, think again. Every breathe you take make difference to you body. Be it ‘under-breathing’ (breathing shallower or slower than normal) or ‘over breathing’ (breathing faster or too often). One can have allergic sinusitis, triggered by dust and pollen, due to incorrect breathing. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) both in children and adults is getting cause of great concern. Obese or overweight people have problems in breathing right as their oxygen requirement is more due to fat deposits in their nasal passage. A breathing technique in Australia called Buteyko trains people to breathe in a controlled way to maintain the level of carbon dioxide. .. Read More ...

Obstructive Sleep Apnea : Serious Sleep Disorder

Good sleep is not only a metabolic regulator but, also essential for good health. Sleep deprivation (sleep loss) can result in impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes. Sleep apnea is a condition in which people stop breathing while they are asleep. If you have this sleep disorder, you may experience many brief yet potentially life-threatening interruptions in your breathing while you sleep. Loud snoring, excessive daytime tiredness, and early morning headaches are signs of sleep apnoea. Being overweight puts you at increased risk. Early treatment is vital because sleep apnea is associated with irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Sleep apnea can be categorized into three types: obstructive, central and mixed. .. Read More ...

To differentiate between less energetic and downright drowsy, if your eyelids feel heavy, you are tired. In fact, if you feel drowsy during the day, you may be running a significant sleep debt.

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