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Gallstones Cause & Prevention

Gallstones form when components of bile, the greenish brown fluid secreted by the liver that helps you digest and absorb fats, crystallize in the gallbladder into stones. Bile is made up of cholesterol, water, fats, bile salts and a substance called bilirubin, it can harden. Most people with gallstones dont realize they have them. They cause symptoms only when they block a duct carrying bile from the liver or gallbladder to the small intestine, or one carrying digestive enzymes from the pancreas. If the blockage continues over several hours, your gallbladder may become inflamed; this is called acute cholecystitis. Fever, prolonged pain, and eventually a gallbladder infection may occur if treatment is not done.

Gallstones Attack - How To Avoid This Severe Pain?

Gallbladder pain is usually confused with appendix, even with heart. Doctors sometimes even suspect ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, hiatal hernia, pancreatitis or even hepatitis. For most part, these symptoms signal gallstones, hardened components of bile ranging in sizes that form in the gallbladder. Gallstones block the release of bile you’re your gallbladder, the backup creates the ache. During galsstone pain attack sweating is lot and feeling of throwing up is felt. Gallstones should not be ignored as you run the risk of developing a serious bile duct infection or even an inflammation of the pancreas if the stones pass out of the gallbladder duct and into the main bile duct. At that point, a stay in the hospital, pain and antibiotic medications, and even surgery are sometimes necessary. The gallstone related pain is usually all of sudden, severe and steady, starting down in lower right side, then shoots up to shoulder blades and then over to the right shoulder. .. Read More ...

During the severe gallbladder pain, one sweat a lot and there is feeling of throwing up.

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