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Stress Free Workplace

All through the day many of us are at our work desks with body distorted, leaning forward, straining the neck, shoulders and arms. While at work, we seldom pay attention to our sitting posture. Most of the sick leaves taken by sedentary workers are due to back problems. A workplace whether it is a factory or an office therefore needs to be planned and systematically designed to provide the best possible support for quality work and stress free environment.At our workplace, our posture must have a spinal balance so that muscular effort is at its minimum. Once the ligamentous stress is reduced, there will be less degeneration in the disc and the joints of the spine. It all begins with a faulty chair; too much slouching can give you pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Always use adjustable chairs as they help support the spine. Working on the computers for long hours together can cause neck pain.

Apply Ergonomics & Make Comfortable Workplace

Ergonomics applies the principles of biology, psychology, anatomy and physiology to get rid of conditions from the work environment that may cause workers to experience discomfort, fatigue or poor health. Ergonomics helps reduce stress and eliminate many potential injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad postures and repeated tasks. The science of ergonomics seeks to adapt work and working conditions to suit the worker and has been able to take care of several work related health problems. And this is accomplished by designing tasks-workspaces, controls, displays, tools, lightning and equipment to fit a worker’s physical capabilities and limitations. .. Read More ...

Regular change of posture with exercise, yoga and meditation will help reduce the stress and pain.

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