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When beginning to meditate, it is good to have a routine or ritual. Routine and ritual will key the mind into what is going to follow. The routine can be simple or elaborate, whatever suits your personality. A basic routine is deciding to relax and meditate every day at the same time and in the same setting.

Meditation is a State of Heightened Awareness

During meditation and visualization you will be aware of any outer physical situation that requires your immediate attention. Remember, meditation is a state of heightened awareness, not of unconsciousness. .. Read More ...

Health Benefits From Muraqaba - A Sufi Meditation

Muraqaba, a Sufi style of meditation, is a holistic practice that has caught the fancy of seekers of spirituality and salvation. Muraqaba helps open up our hearts to surroundings. Muraqaba believes in connecting within oneself. Being in touch with oneself is the first step in being able to access the larger pool of collective spirituality. Under the influence of Muraqaba, when one is in touch with oneís inner senses, breathing lows down and the inhalation period increases. Practised regularly, Muraqaba holds immense health benefits and can help alleviate high blood pressure, obesity, respiratory problems, high cholesterol, insomnia, muscular pain, and depression, besides enhancing mental concentration. .. Read More ...

Healing Power Of Prayer Explained Scientifically

Prayer, in its essence, is like meditation. Here, all the inputs coming to the brain are filtered out. Thatís why the mind starts resting and finally calms down. Consequently, the body also feels better due to the lower heart rate, breathing rate and the slight drop in blood pressure. Prayer canít be expected to physically remove organic disease. For instance, it canít make a cancer tumour disappear or make a fracture reunite. During an illness, thereís sense of fear, depression and surrendering to the illness. Prayer diminishes this negative input and makes patients feel better. .. Read More ...

Hypnotherapy & Meditation : Natural Therapies

Alternative medicine is being embraced even by doctors. Doctors now routinely refer patients to acupuncturists or meditation classes, to complement conventional treatments. From recourse for fringe dwellers, alternative medicine techniques have moved into the mainstream, with more and more people using some form of alternative natural therapy. Hypnotherapy is getting popular for relieving pain and anxiety, as well as breaking bad habits. Most people can be hypnotized to some degree, though is helps if you have vivid imagination. Meditation has gained popularity as stress buster. Meditation connects you with your essence and enlivens your bodyís innate intelligence. These natural therapies are great hope of relief for common health issues and the lowest risk of side effects. .. Read More ...

Meditation Chants; Om/Aum & Nam-myohorenge-kyo

Open your heart to the spiritual music of life Ė Raise your spirits and chant your blues away. More and More people all over the world are rediscovering the healing effects of chants. The mellifluous harmony of chants is what one need for peace and solace in this stressed out life. Meditation Chanting, the constant repetition of the sacred syllable ĎOm or Aumí, is sending the hearts of many stressed city dwellers soaring. The purpose of the chant is to make your mind still, peaceful and take you beyond the realm of super consciousness. The symbol Om or Aum is the most widely chanted phrase across religions and cultures. Buddhist chant Nam-myohorenge-kyo is getting lots of popularity. Nam-myohorenge-kyo chant is believed to be the repository of the magical healing power. .. Read More ...


Most important, enjoy yourself as you explore your meditation practice.  

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