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Tai Chi Martial Arts

Tai Chi is not a style of dance, but a dance of the self; not a performing art strictly speaking but its concepts are applicable to every aspect of the performing arts.Tai Chi stresses on breathing from the belly, through the feet, with the entire body. The stress is on the slowness brings about an inner calmness that, in turn, is complemented by the outer activity. The Chinese firmly believe that the basic life force or energy the chi can only be cultivated by softness and roundness. Channelising it helped many to calm down and concentrate on their work. There is something hypnotic about the way one moves in Tai Chi. This soft rhythmic movements relaxes you deeply.

Learn Self Defence Technique: Conquer The Fear

Self Defence is the need of the hour, especially for the ladies! Self Defence Technique isnít just for defence. It has other side effects such as mental fitness, strength, increased concentration and increased stamina. The philosophy behind this art is non violence, it helps the person to stay calm and meet their fears and keep in check the impulsive nature. Self Defence is something that protects you, helps you innovate and become aware and shows you how to use your strength in the right way. The simplest thing like a purse even a mobile phone can be turned into a weapon against the aggressor. Self Defence isnít a set of rules. Itís an attitude, which ensures your own safety and well being. .. Read More ...

Tai Chi Exercises & Good Health Benefits

Tai Chi can help maintain good health as well as help treat specific ailments. Tai Chi is often recommended as a therapy to complement conventional treatment. Good health is a reflection of the bodyís energy balance and harmony. Blocked energy manifests itself as an illness or disease. Tai Chi improves health by clearing the flow of chi, the vital force that flows through the body through specific pathways, thus restoring balance. Tai Chi is helpful for arthritis patient by strengthening the muscles surrounding an arthritic joint and improving flexibility Tai Chi increases range of motion without causing pain. Tai Chi is great for balance and circulation problems. It helps maintain low blood pressure, helps in distressing and relaxing with its graceful movements. .. Read More ...

New Self Defense ; Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Tae Bo

The gyms and work-out stations are witnessing the emergence of newer, more exciting forms of fitness; Krav Maga, Shaoling kungfu, Tae-Bo, Shiatsu, karate besides cardio kickboxing, Tai-chi. Tired of old fitness routines ; Get the zing back into your exercise regime even as you pick up amazing self defense skills with fitness the martial arts way. Exercise buffs are switching over to fitness routines that incorporate pure martial arts or its elements ; giving them the edge by learning self defense along with getting fit. .. Read More ...

Tai Chi exercises impart strength and flexibility, heighten awareness, increases stamina and improve posture.

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