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Aqua Aerobics Workout

Water resistance is the finest and softest. Aqua aerobics improves tone, stimulates the nervous system, is kind to the ligaments and facilitates strength in injured muscles and joints. Water aerobics workout is a great cross trainer exercise, effective stress reliever and antidepressant, water works in your senses and relaxes you. Aqua aerobics is a superior abdominal work just by standing tall in the water and stabilizing the body. Aqua workout improves the posture and does not causes muscle soreness by reducing the impact on the back and knees. For decreasing body fat, aqua training like any aerobics exercises is effective. An average person burn 450 calories per hour of activity with three four inch loss in a month.

Aqua Aerobics: Splash Back To Health

The quest for an active and healthy lifestyle has resulted in many opting for innovative fitness programmes. Those looking at a challenge, or hoping to beat their present monotony love to try ‘aqua aerobics’. Health clubs are exploring the aquatic medium as a non weight bearing exercise alternative to the regular gym training, walking or jogging.As the body weight remains supported with the special equipments used (noodles and suspension belts), water aerobics makes an ideal choice for people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Aqua aerobics workout training is extremely good for hypertensive and cardiac patients too, as the heart rate reduces in water. .. Read More ...

Aqua aerobics is the latest craze, many fitness lovers are opting for this unique form of traning that give same results but almost no injuries and muscle soreness.

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