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Innovative medical devices have decreased dramatically weighed down the load of illness and injury and improve the quality of life of many patients. Medical Device designers need to be in touch with their customers. The good news is thats starting to happen. More and more often, medical device manufacturers are hiring in house designers or outside firms whose teams are conducting critical user research. That involves gathering input from the medical staff who use the tools and the patients whose lives depend on them. Such design research and collaboration has paid off in the following collection of amazing new medical devices. These products help solve problems from life threatening wounds inflicted in Iraq to the prohibitive cost of hearing aids in developing nations.

Latest Innovative Medical Devices Series -II

3600 Fascia Closure Device: Needle pricks sustained during OR suturing are one of the most common hospital injuries. In the age of HIV, they can be deadly. Sutur Tek’s Fascia Closure Device offers a safe, fast, and easy alternative to hand suturing. The ergonomic stylus holds a single use suture cartridge containing a standard curved needle and thread. Physicians control the depth, placement, and spacing of the stitches, but manipulate the needle with just a squeeze of the handle. The device not only protects health care workers but also limits trauma for patients. .. Read More ...

Latest Innovative Medical Devices Series - I

From the simple and inexpensive to the complex and costly, the innovative medical devices represent the range of today’s medical tools – and the importance of innovation. Innovative medical technology is available today for precise monitoring of blood glucose levels and painless insulin delivery. Innovative medical devices have helped in making life of many patients much better by reducing the burden of illness. .. Read More ...

Innovative medical technology is available today for the benefit of many patients.

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