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The state of the mind influences the body in their race against time towards illusionary targets, hard-driven people between the ages of 15 and 45 internalise their fatigue faster. Sadly, people are not learning enough from their mistakes.Tiredness is on the rise, but dealing with it is not just about getting more sleep. Look at the soaring sales of invigoration products, energy supplements and herbal stimulants. The incidence has increased by 10 percent in the last five years.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Latest Treatment

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
Emotional shock, thyroid problems, hormonal changes allergies, poor posture, anaemia, ennui, aberrant weight, heart valve problems, and environmental toxins are some of the culprits of chronic fatigue syndrome. So is insomnia or protected under-sleeping resulting from stress, depression, anxiety, irregular bedtime and even an over dose of caffeine. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can also stem from sleep apnoea, where breathing disturbance cause frequent awakenings and the individual seldom reaches deep, reinvigorating sleep. Sustained inactivity breeds muscle atrophy in which disused muscles become slack and fatty. Intellectual burnout, as seen in young IT and BPO professionals, is also factor. .. Read More ...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Drainage Of Your Energy

Pooped? Sleep more stressed out? Hit treadmill. But, if they leave you more knackered, suspect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is a flue like and may cause big drain to your energy lasting for long time if left ignored. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome involves persistent, unexplained tiredness, which lasts for several months. If being tired is itself an indication of some thing being amiss, prolonged fatigue is nothing short of an alarm bell. .. Read More ...

Take fatigue seriously when it starts affecting personality, performance and relationships.

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