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Resistance Training

Resistance training is an ideal way to increase the muscle strength, in fact it is also the best way for the very slim people to look more toned. Muscle strength is increased by using the muscles against a weight or force. Muscle cells get attuned to the higher workload by getting bigger, this is termed as hypertrophy. Nerve cells are also used accordingly; helping the muscles to contract weight he force is applied. Because of the obvious reasons, the correct posture is necessity. The increase of the workload should be gradual and consistent.

All you Need To Know About Resistance Training

Resistance training exercises are two types (1) isolation exercise and (2) compound exercises. Isolation exercises are those in which particular muscle or group of muscles is targeted. Compound exercises are those in which two or more muscles or group of muscles are targeted. For instance, lunges exercise all the muscles present in the leg whereas certain exercises targeted only the butt or thighs or calves i.e. a specific group of muscles. Resistance training can be performed by using machines in the gym or free weights at home or simply one’s own body weight. .. Read More ...

Remeber good form and body postioning greatly reduce the risk of injury and also lead to faster gains in muscle size and strength.

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