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Alcohol Dependence

Compulsive regular consumption of alcohol, producing withdrawal symptoms when intake is stopped is termed as Alcohol dependence. Alcohol craving for drink, coupled with withdrawal symptoms when drinking stops, is what separates a term used to describe regular drinking to excess. Millions of people in US alone are dependent on alcohol. In addition to causing damage to the liver and brain, the need to drink to excess regularly is damaging to mental health and may destroy a persons family and social life and career. Although moderate alcohol consumption promotes a feeling of relaxation, excessive use of alcohol over a long period can result in serious physical, psychological and social problems. Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center can provide the solution for the people who are alcohol dependent.

Alcohol Rehab Center In Arkansas, USA

Alcohol Rehab Center In Arkansas, USA
Phillips County Outpatient Clinic
120 D'anna Place Helena

Alcohol Recovery Center in Arkansas, USA
Quapaw House - DG Dunston Adolescent Center
179 Dunston Road Mount Ida
870 867.2266

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Alcohol Treatment Centers In Alabama, USA

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In Alabama, United States of America
Bradford Health Services
Birmingham Regional Office Jefferson
631 Beacon Parkway West # 211,
Birmingham, Alabama
800 293-7191
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Complications of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is safe in moderation, but having more than two or three drinks a day can pose short term risks, from alcohol poisoning to traffic accidents. In the long term, excess alcohol causes serious health problems, such as heart, liver, and brain disease, and can lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is often the result of a combination of factors. Sometimes alcohol dependence runs in families, partly as a result of children growing up in an environment of heavy drinking and partly because of inherited predisposition. Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers and alcohol rehabilitation centres are usually private and confidential and one should not feel hesitant in approaching them to avoid the habit of alcohol dependence. .. Read More ...

If you think you may be drinking too much, consult your doctor, who might ask you to keep a diary for several weeks to record each drink you have. Self help is the best way to overcome the habit of alcohol dependence. Don't let the habit of drinking overpower your entire life. Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers and alcohol rehabilitation centres are confidential and very supportive. So if the self help is not effective, don't hesitate in going to one of the reputed alcohol rehab centre near your place.

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