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Natural Healing Therapies

Natural healing ability is present in every human body. Natural healers try to bring out this healing power. Holistic healing is gaining lot of importance due to its effectiveness and safe healing solutions. Alternative natural medicines are very popular these days because these natural remedies provide instant relief from the ailments, do not have side effects. Natural cure and alternative treatment methods support the body and help in healing on its own. Lifelong Wellness and sustained health can be achieved by these natural healing therapies.

Natural Holistic Healing by Neural Wave Therapy

Neural Wave Therapy provides natural healing solution and help the person in curing the problem on its own by making you realize the cause of the ailment. Neural wave therapy is scientific and interestingly based on the principles of quantum physics. Neural wave therapy works at the theta level of mind. Neural wave therapy is different from hypnosis, in which only one party is semi-conscious, the other is fully alert. Here the Neural wave therapist goes into the same trance-like stage and connects with his patients. At this level, no language exists. They connect through a conversation of suppressed feelings. Most of our diseases first occur at the emotional plane. What the Neural wave therapist does is to delete the troubling thought from the core belief system. .. Read More ...

Herbalism, Natural Healing Herbal Remedies Therapy

Herbalism is the natural way to heal many ailments. Herbal remedies are natural and safe and cure both common and acute and chronic problems. Herbalism is the internal and external use of plant-based remedies to treat many human ailments. Herbalists claim that their remedies also keep the bodyís systems healthy and help to maintain its natural resistance to disease. The huge range of herbal preparations now widely available can be used both for preventive health care and for helping to treat all manner of everyday ills. To derive the most benefit, especially for more serious or long-standing complaints, consult a qualified herbalist. Herbalists are trained to treat the whole individual, not just a disease or its symptoms. .. Read More ...

Natural Cure Treatment By Herbal Remedies Therapy

Herbal remedies are safe and natural alternative way to treat common ailments. Even acute and chronic illnesses can be cured by correct dosage of herbal remedies. Herbal remedies can treat physical problems, emotional problems and psychological problems, all these disorders naturally. There are herbal remedies for respiratory disorder, depression and anxiety, headache natural relief, stomach disorder natural cure and even sleeping disorder natural treatment herbal remedies are available. Treatment with Herbal remedies has advantage over conventional treatment, natural herbal medicine being free from side effects. .. Read More ...

Bach Flower Remedies as Natural Emotional Healing

Edward Bach Flower remedies are dilutions of flower essences. These natural remedies made of flower essence believe to improve the emotional problems. Bach Flower remedies can naturally cure the anxiety, fear, despair, depression, insomnia, stress and other emotional condition disorders. Problem behavior of Adults, children and even pets can be improved by taking these flower remedies. Rescue remedy having the flower essence ingredients of Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens and Cherry Plum is very effective as stress buster, anxiety relief and curing and helping in panic attacks. Rescue cream having the flower remedies ingredients is beneficial in soothing itches and treating burns. .. Read More ...

Benefits of Rolfing Structural Integration Therapy

Rolfing Massage is natural healing therapy. The purpose of Rolfing Structural Integration Technique is to alleviate chronic tension, lengthen the body, and balance it in gravity, so that you use minimum energy in standing up, and the muscles and joints work as they are designed to do. This is achieved by using stretching and movement rolfing massage techniques to loosen and lengthen the connective tissues, or fascia, the tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves and other tissues that hold the skeleton together, that have thickened and shortened under continued tension and strain. Rolfing usually requires a series of sessions, each one tailored to the individualís needs. After few rolfing massage therapy sessions, one looks taller and slimmer. .. Read More ...

Get Slimmer & Taller with Rolfing Massage Therapy

Rolfing Massage Therapy as a Structural Integration Technique is scientifically proven method of streamlining the body resulting in better posture, alleviation of the chronic pain and feeling of lightness. After few rolfing sessions body of the receiver learns to live with harmony with the gravitational pull, looks much slimmer and taller due to improved posture. Rolfing Structural Integration Massage Technique assists the body of the person to reorganize and helps in providing the overall freedom with the renewed sense of complete wholeness. Fascia or connective tissue of the body has the capacity to reshape and this capability of the connective tissue is utilized by the certified Rolfer and Rolf movement practitioner in realigning and rebalancing the body. Along with Yoga, pilates, Rolfing is very good wellness enhancing practices. Look slimmer and feel taller and more energetic after rolfing structural massage therapy. .. Read More ...

Colema; Clean Your Intestine & Enjoy Good Health

Research indicates that most people carry 4 to 5 kg of dried faecal matter stuck to the walls of their colon (large intestine). This undoubtedly unhealthy condition is responsible for several ailments. The answer to most ailments lies in having a squeaky clean colon. A colema, experts say, is the most effective and natural way to do that. Colema therapy (colon hydrotherapy/colon irrigation) is gradually gaining popularity. Colon is one of the most important but often the most abused part of the body. Neglecting colon hygiene results in the release of toxins into the blood stream and can also lead to colon cancer. It is said that death begins in the colon. .. Read More ...

Natural Holistic Healing by Neural Wave Therapy

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