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Pregnancy Problems Guide

For most women, pregnancy progresses well except for some minor problems, which are not usually serious. Some women are at higher risk of developing complication and problems in pregnancy. Increased blood pressure during pregnancy should not be ignored as this pregnancy complication can become severe. Women who are at higher risk of developing complication and problems in pregnancy should not disregard the condition of Preeclampsia, a problem of high blood pressure during pregnancy.
A pregnancy with higher than average risk for the mother or fetus is termed as high risk pregnancy. Routine prenatal care should be taken care in the high risk pregnancy to monitor and ensure the smooth progress. Multiple pregnancy occurs if more than one fetus develops in the uterus. Although most multiple pregnancy progress smoothly, the risk of problems is increased for both mother and fetuses. High risk multiple pregnancy requires monitoring with the ultrasound scanning.

Miscarriage, Signs, Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Prevention and Treatment of Miscarriage Naturally
Miscarraige Information: Miscarriage (pregnancy loss)is a very distressing and sad situation for the expecting mother. Miscarriage treatment should entail proper grief counseling and bereavement therapy sessions. Grief counselors are trained to help the mothers to overcome the grief caused by miscarriage.

Causes Of Miscarriage : Understanding who are at higher risk for miscarriages?
More than 1 in 4 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, the loss of a fetus before the 24th week of pregnancy. About 6 in 10 miscarriages in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy are caused by genetic disorder or an abnormality in the fetus. An early miscarriage may also result from lower than normal levels of the hormone progesterone. Early miscarriage is more common in multiple pregnancies. Later miscarriage (between weeks 14 and 24) may be due to a weak cervix (Cervical Incompetence) or to a severe infection in the mother. .. Read More ...

Gestational Diabetes of Pregnancy Treatment Info

During the course of pregnancy up to 1 to 50 women temporarily develops diabetes mellitus. The condition is called gestational diabetes. Gestational Diabetes that develops during the pregnancy is more common in women over age 30, women who are over weight and those who have family history of diabetes mellitus. Gestational diabetes can usually controlled by special diet. In almost all the cases, the gestational diabetes disappears soon after the birth of the baby, but one out of three who have gestational diabetes develops permanent Type II Diabetes Mellitus, often with in 5 years of her pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes that develops during pregnancy should be timely treated to avoid any complication during childbirth. .. Read More ...

Ectopic High Risk Pregnancy Prevention & Treatment

Ectopic pregnancy is the high risk pregnancy involving many risks both for mother and fetus. If the fetus grows inside a fallopian tube and the fetus grows, the fallopian tube will eventually rupture, causing very heavy bleeding into the motherís abdominal cavity, that can be life threatening to the mother. Ectopic pregnancies also termed tubal pregnancy, and need to be removed surgically as soon as possible after detection because of risk to the mother. Classical ectopic pregnancy has to be terminated before it develops into the higher risk to the mother. .. Read More ...

Ectopic High Risk Pregnancy Signs & Treatment Info

Ectopic pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy. About 1 in 100 pregnancies is ectopic. In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg becomes implanted in the tissues out side the uterus instead of implanting in the lining of uterus. This leads to higher risks in pregnancy. The egg then begins to develop into an embryo. In most ectopic pregnancies, the fertilized egg lodges inside one of the two fallopian tubes. If the placenta develops inside a fallopian tube and the fetus grows, the fallopian tube will eventually rupture, causing life threatening bleeding into the motherís abdominal cavity. Ectopic pregnancies need to be removed surgically as soon as possible after detection because of risk to the mother. .. Read More ...

High Risk Multiple Pregnancy Care Guidance Info

Problems associated with Multiple Pregnancy, prevention, handling and treatment solutions for high risk pregnancies.
High risk is involved in the multiple pregnancy, so extra prenatal care is required for the smooth duration of the multiple pregnancy. Proper High risk multiple pregnancy care ensures smooth running of the pregnancy.

Causes of Multiple Pregnancy
Multiple pregnancies may occur naturally, but 2 in 3 pregnancies with three or more fetuses result from infertility treatments (Assisted Conception). This is because drugs for infertility stimulate the ovaries to release more than one egg each month, and more than one egg is inserted into the uterus during in vitro fertilization. .. Read More ...

High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy Treatment

Hypertension during pregnancy though is quiet common pregnancy problem but if Problem of High Blood Pressure is left untreated can lead to high risk pregnancy.
Diagnose for Hypertension / High Blood Pressure during pregnancy, preeclampsia is a must. High Blood pressure in Pregnancy should be taken seriously and prompt measures in treating the hypertension gives positive results. As with other pregnancy complication checkup, your doctor examine you for evidence of preeclampsia at every prenatal checkup. He or she will examine you for signs of fluid retention, take your blood pressure, and test your urine for evidence of protein. If you have very high blood pressure and if your doctor suspects preeclampsia, he or she may arrange for various blood tests, including test to check your kidney function. Treatment of Hypertension in Pregnancy is an important factor, if left untreated the high blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to high risk pregnancy. High Blood pressure diet plan should be followed, that generally involves taking less sodium. .. Read More ...

Grief Counseling Therapy as Miscarriage Treatment

Miscarriage is a common cause for the depression. Pregnancy loss can cause lot of grief to the expecting mother. Grief Counseling Therapy is highly advised for the grieving woman, who has gone through the pain of losing pregnancy. Grief Counselors are very supportive and provide lot of reassurance and help to cope the loss due to miscarriage. Grief counselling & Support is required to help her cope with loss.Most women who have a miscarriage do not have problems with subsequent pregnancies. Some women have recurrent miscarriages, but with specialist investigation and emotional and physical treatment they may eventually have a successful pregnancy. .. Read More ...

Preeclampsia, Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy

Treatment of Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy
High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy is a common complication during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a more severe version of this pregnancy problem. The condition of preeclampsia features chronic high blood pressure, fluid retention and presence of protein in the urine. The problem of pregnancy involving high blood pressure is common in last week of pregnancy and is usually easy to treat. However severe preeclampsia may threaten the life of mother and/or fetus. But if this problem during pregnancy is left untreated then preeclampsia may lead to dangerous disorder called eclampsia that cause seizure and may bring to a coma. Eclampsia may be fatal. High blood pressure diet entails reduced sodium intake and regular walk. .. Read More ...

Pregnancy Problems Guide: Pregnancy normally lasts about 40 weeks from conception to delivery of the baby. During this pregnancy, a single fertilized cell develops into a fully grown fetus that is able to survive outside the uterus. For the fetus to develop, it must be protected in the uterus and nourished by the mother. Although this process usually progresses smoothly, sometimes problems may arise. Many of the pregnancy problems are common disorders and short lived but others may be severe and develop in high risk pregnancy or even be life threatening to the mother or fetus.

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