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b>Liver Disorders include Jaundice, Acute Hepatitis, Chronic Hepatitis, Cirrohosis, Alcohol induced liver disease.Hepatitis id the inflammation of the liver, hepatitis can be acute or chronic. Acute Hepatitis can be due to Hepatitis A virus or Hepatitis B Virus or Hepatitis C, D and E Viruses. If the inflammation of the liver, due to a variety of causes lasts more than 6 months then it is termed as Chronic Hepatitis.

Cirrhosis Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Information

Detailed Information guidance for Causes of Cirrhosis, Signs & Symptoms of Cirrhosis, Cirrhosis Treatment Methods & Prognosis of Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is an irreversible scarring of the liver, occurring in the late stages of various liver disorders. In Cirrhosis, normal liver tissue is destroyed and replaced by fibrous scar tissue. The condition may be caused by several different disorders, including viral infections and excessive alcohol consumption. The liver damage is irreversible and prevents the liver from functioning properly. Some people with Cirrhosis may feel well for years despite having severe liver damage. However, with time they may develop complications, such as liver failure and liver cancer. .. Read More ...

Chronic Hepatitis Treatment & Liver Biopsy Method

Find here the detailed information about the Chronic Hepatitis Treatment Method, Liver Biopsy procedure and Prognosis of chronic hepatitis.
The treatment method procedure for curing chronic hepatitis involves physical examination and blood tests to evaluate liver function and to look for causes of the hepatitis. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor may use an imaging technique such as ultrasound scanning. A liver biopsy, in which a small piece of liver is removed for microscopic examination, may be done to determine the nature and severity of liver damage. .. Read More ...

Chronic Hepatitis Causes, Signs & Symptoms Info

Find here the detailed study of Causes of Chronic Hepatitis, Signs & Symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis.
Chronic Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, due to a variety of causes that lasts more than 6 months. Sometimes the condition of Chronic Hepatitis persists for many years. Although Chronic Hepatitis is often mild with no symptoms, it can slowly damage the liver, causing cirrhosis in which healthy liver tissue is replaced by fibrous scar tissue. Eventually, liver failure may develop. People who are affected with Chronic Hepatitis and cirrhosis have a higher than normal risk of developing liver cancer. .. Read More ...

Acute Hepatitis Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Find here the details of Signs & Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis, Diagnosis of Acute Hepatitis, Prevention of Acute Hepatitis & Latest Acute Hepatitis Treatment procedure.

Signs & Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis
Some people infected with a hepatitis virus have no symptoms, or symptoms are so mild they are not noticed. In other cases, the disorder may be life threatening. If hepatitis is due to a viral infection, the time from infection to the appearance of symptoms of Acute Hepatitis can vary from up to 6 weeks for hepatitis A to 6 months for hepatitis B. Some people who have no symptoms may become carriers of the virus. If symptoms do develop, they may initially include:
Fatigue and a feeling of ill health.
Poor appetite.
Nausea and vomiting.
Discomfort in the upper right side of the abdomen.
.. Read More ...

Acute Hepatitis, Causes of Inflamed Liver Disorder

Acute Hepatitis, Causes of Liver Inflammation Acute Hepatitis is a sudden short term inflammation of the liver due to a variety of causes. The condition has various causes and has a sudden onset. Most people with acute hepatitis recover within a month or two. However, in some cases inflammation of the liver persists for many months or even years (chronic hepatitis) or progresses to liver failure.

Causes of Acute Hepatitis
The most common cause of Acute Hepatitis is infection with any one of the several types of hepatitis viruses. Until the late 1980s, there were only two known hepatitis viruses, hepatitis A and B. Additional hepatitis viruses have now been identified, including hepatitis C, D and E. .. Read More ...

Alcohol related Liver Disease Treatment & Cure

Information about the Types of Alcohol-related Liver Disease, Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol-related Liver Disease, Diagnosis of Alcohol-related Liver Disease, Alcohol-related Liver Disease Treatment & Prognosis.

Alcohol-related Liver Disease is a short-term or progressive liver damage due to excessive alcohol consumption. The most common cause of severe long-term liver disease in developed countries is excessive alcohol consumption. More men than women have Alcohol-related Liver Disease because more men drink heavily. However, women are more susceptible to liver damage from alcohol because of differences in the way that men and women metabolize alcohol. .. Read More ...

Treatment for Liver Disease due to Alcohol Intake

Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol-related Liver Disease
Cirrhosis may often cause no symptoms for a number of years or only mild symptoms, including:
1. Poor appetite and weight loss.
2. Nausea.
3. Muscle wasting.
In some cases, severe cirrhosis may lead to a serious condition in which there is bleeding into the digestive tract from abnormal blood vessels that develop in the wall of the esophagus (Portal Hypertension and Varices). Severe alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis can lead to liver failure, which may result in coma and death. .. Read More ...

Liver Metastases Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Info

Detailed study of Liver Metastases causes, Signs & Symptoms of Liver Metastases, Liver Metastases Treatment & prognosis.
Liver Metastases is cancerous tumors in the liver that have spread from other parts of the body. Metastases are cancerous tumors in the liver that originate from cancers elsewhere in the body, commonly those of the lung, breast, colon, pancreas, and stomach. Other types of cancer, such as leukemia and lymphoma, may also spread to the liver. .. Read More ...

Liver Failure Causes, Liver Transplant Treatment

Detailed study of Causes of Liver Failure, Signs & Symptoms of Liver Failure, Liver Failure Treatment methods, Liver Transplant Procedure & Prognosis of Liver failure.

Liver Failure is severe impairment of liver function, occurring either suddenly or at the final stages of chronic liver disease. The liver performs many vital functions, such as the breakdown of toxins in the blood. Severe liver failure allows toxin levels to rise, affecting the brain and other organs. In acute liver failure, the liver may fail suddenly. In chronic liver failure, it may fail progressively over months or years. Acute liver failure may be due to a disorder such as acute viral hepatitis or damage from drugs, such as acetaminophen poisoning (Acute Hepatitis). Chronic liver failure is usually due to an underlying disorder such as alcohol-related liver disease or chronic hepatitis. .. Read More ...

Information realted causes, diagnosis and treatment for Liver Disorders include Jaundice, Acute Hepatitis, Chronic Hepatitis, Cirrohosis, Alcohol induced liver disease

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