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Eye Disorders Treatment

The eye is a complex organ made up of several highly specialized components. Many eye disorders do not threaten sight, but a few serious conditions may damage the eyes components and lead to loss of vision. These eye disorders can be caused by disease, structural abnormality, or injury to the eye. Some of the eye disorders are Conjunctivitis, Subconjunctival hemorrhage, Corneal abrasion, Corneal ulcer, Hyphema, Trachoma, Keratoconus, Cataract, Scleritis, Uveitis and Glaucoma.

Laser Refractive Eye Surgery, Myopia & Astigmatism

Vision disorders are very common and most people have visual problem at some time in their lives. The most common disorders of vision are nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (Hyperopia), and Astigmatism which are types of refractive (focusing) errors. Most refractive errors can be corrected by aids, such as glasses or contact lenses, or cured by surgical techniques like Laser Refractive Eye Surgery LASIK. If the eyes are not equally affected by Hyperopia, they may be unable to focus together on the same object. Without early Hyperopia treatment, young children may develop crossed eyes (Strabismus) and may eventually lose vision in one eye (Amblyopia). .. Read More ...

Laser Eye Surgery LASIK farsightedness, Hyperopia

Hyperopia (farsightedness) is common eye vision disorder. Hyperopia (farsightedness) occurs if the eyeball is short relative to the combined focusing power of the cornea and lens. Young people with Hyperopia can often see distant objects clearly because the lens is flexible and can change focus easily, but with age, the ability to focus lessens and distant vision is also affected. Laser Eye Surgery LASIK for farsightedness, Hyperopia is highly recommended. Laser eye surgery is very effective and you can get rid of the thick eye glasses. .. Read More ...

Laser Eye Surgery LASIK for nearsightedness Myopia

Myopia is a very common eye vision disorder condition that some times runs in families and can be corrected effectively by Laser Eye Surgery. If you are seriously Myopic, you are more susceptible to eye disorder such as retinal detachment, chronic glaucoma, and macular degeneration. All of these eye disorders can badly damage eyesight. If you have problems seeing distant objects clearly, you should visit your ophthalmologist. Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)Treatment for nearsightedness, Myopia leaves is very effective and leaves very little scarring. .. Read More ...

Astigmatism Treatment Laser Eye Surgery Toric Lens

Treatable Eye Disorder condition, Astigmatism is a common vision disorder condition due to the asymmetrical curvature of cornea.
Causes of Eye Disorder condition, Astigmatism
The most common form of astigmatism is present from birth and is due to a slight buckling of the cornea in both eyes. Instead of being round like a basket ball, the cornea is shaped like a foot ball, with a steep curvature in one direction and a shallow curvature in the other. This type of astigmatism may worsen slowly with age. Less often, astigmatism is due to an eye disorder such as keratoconus or an eye injury that causes a corneal ulcer to develop. .. Read More ...

Macular Degeneration Eye Disorder DiseaseTreatment

Treatment of Macular Degeneration Eye Disease by Laser Eye Surgery
The early stage of wet macular degeneration can be treated by laser eye surgery, which seals of any abnormal blood vessel and can prevent further loss of vision. If abnormal blood vessel continues to develop, the process of laser eye surgery treatment procedure for treating and preventing further degeneration of the macula, may need to be repeated.

Diagnosis of Macular Degeneration eye disorder condition
Diagnosis of Macular Degeneration eye disorder condition is done by vision tests and by examination of the retina with an ophthalmoscope. If there is possibility of wet macular degeneration, then fundus fluorescein angiography may be carried out to check for locating abnormal blood vessel. .. Read More ...

Macular Degeneration Eye Disorder Eye Disease Cure

Macular degeneration, Eye Disease is more common in females and sometimes runs in families. The Macular degeneration eye disorder condition is usually age related (AMD) and usually develops after age 70, although some rare forms can affect younger people. The risk of developing macular degeneration is increased by excessive exposure to sunlight and smoking. People affected with Macular Degeneration, become unable to read or to recognize faces. However, the edges of the vision (peripheral vision) of person with Macular Degeneration remain clear, so that they can still move around safely. In this eye disease, usually both eyes are affected with Macular Degeneration eye disorder condition. .. Read More ...

Glaucoma Treatment & Best Glaucoma Eye Surgery

Symptoms of Eye Disorder: Acute Angle Glaucoma A full–blown attack of glaucoma may be preceded by mild attacks in the weeks before. Mild attacks usually take place in the evening. Symptoms of Eye Disorder: Acute Angle Glaucoma include pain in the eyes and haloes appearing around lights and are relieved by sleeping. If you have these symptoms, you should consult your doctor at once. Full-blown attacks of Acute Angle Glaucoma develop suddenly. To avoid further damage to the eye, immediate Glaucoma treatment and eye cure is advisable. Timely glaucoma surgery should be performed if advised by eye surgeon. .. Read More ...

Glaucoma Treatment of Eye by Diagnosing Causes

Acute Angle Glaucoma develops suddenly, causing rapid loss of vision and severe eye pain. Normally, the fluid that is secreted into the front of the eye to maintain the eye’s shape and nourish the tissues drains away continuously. However, in acute (narrow-angle) glaucoma, the drainage system suddenly develops a blockage, and the fluid pressure inside the eyes rise rapidly. Acute angle glaucoma is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment. If acute glaucoma is left untreated, the eyes can swiftly become damaged and a permanent reduction in vision can result. .. Read More ...

Treatment of Cataract & Glaucoma by Eye Surgery

Eye disorders are very common, but early diagnosis leads to successful eye disorder treatment. Cataract generally affects both eyes, and makes both the lens cloudy. But cataract of one eye is usually more than other eye. Most people over age 75 have some cataract formation, but visual loss is often minimal as only the outer edge are affected.
Glaucoma becomes more common with age, and mainly affects the people over age 60. If Glaucoma is untreated, the condition may cause blindness. .. Read More ...

Cataract Surgery Eye Treatment Procedure Advantage

In the presence of symptoms of cataract Eye Disorder, you should get your eyes checked by eye doctor. Your doctor will examine your eyes with slit lamp and an ophthalmoscope (ophthalmoscopy technique). If your vision is affected significantly, he or she may recommend that cataract is removed surgically (Cataract surgery) and an artificial lens put in the eyes. If there is no other reason for visual deterioration, your sight should improve greatly after the operation. Advantage of cataract surgery eye disorder treatment procedure is getting rid of thick glasses, nowadays person with intraocular lens may just need reading glasses for close vision. In fact, with the multifocal intraocular lens implantation, person does not even require reading glasses. .. Read More ...

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membrane covering the white of the eye and the inside of the eyelids. Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, is a common condition in which the Conjunctiva, the clear membrane covering the white of the eye and lining the eyelids, becomes inflamed. The affected eye becomes red and sore and may look alarming, but the condition is rarely serious. One or both the eyes may be affected, and in some cases it begins in one eye then spreads to the other. .. Read More ...

Dry Eye Syndrome: Do It Yourself Tips

The film of liquid on the eyes is an elaborate three part lubricating system, mucus, water and oil. Tears keep your eyes comfortable. They wash away microbes and debris, and they promote healing. If tear production declines or tears evaporate too quickly, your eyes may burn and feel scratchy or gritty, this is the classic symptom of dry eye syndrome. Paradoxically, another symptom may be constant tearing and watering. This common condition, besides being painful, can interfere with working, reading and life in general. Women are more susceptible than men, particularly around menopause. Hormonal changes may play a role, though hormone therapy may only increase the risk of dry eye. .. Read More ...

Treating Presbyopia With Conductive Keratoplasty

Presbyopia is an age related hardening of the eye’s lens that makes focusing close up increasingly difficult. Most adults start to notice the effects of presbyopia when they reach 40s. Reading glasses, bifocals, and trifocals used to be the only options for the presbyopes. But nowadays there are many latest laser techniques are available that can make blurry close-ups a thing of past. In addition to special contact lenses and laser surgery for the condition, available for the past several years, there are two new procedures to choose from. One is Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) and the second option is surgery, in which the aging lens is replaced with a pliable, hinged, plastic substitute. .. Read More ...

Eye disorders are very common, but early diagnosis usually leads to successful treatment.

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