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Hernia Surgery Treatment

Hernias, commonly called ruptures, most often occur at sites in the abdomen where there is a weakness in the muscle. Abdominal hernias are frequently found in men who have heavy manual jobs. If the trapped portion of intestine becomes twisted, its blood supply may cut off. This is known as strangulated hernia and causes severe pain and vomiting. Immediate Hernia Repair surgery is essential to prevent the intestine from becoming gangrenous. Hernias can occur in different sites of the body hence classified accordingly, Hiatus hernias, Inguinal Hernia, Femoral Hernia, Umbilical Hernia, Epigastria hernias, Incisional hernias.Hernia Repair surgery is the most popular way of treating Hernia.

Types of Hernia & Hernia Repair Surgery Treatment

Hernia Repair Surgery Treatment is usually effective however there is risk that the hernia may reoccur in the same place or elsewhere. Revolution in modern hernia repair surgery is brought by usage of hernia mesh made of titanized synthetics.
Hernias are classified according to the site where they occur in the body. Some types of Hernia like Abdominal Hernia, Inguinal hernia occur more often in men; other types of hernia like Femoral hernia are more frequently found in women. .. Read More ...

Symptoms of Hernia

The symptoms of hernia may come on suddenly, but more often they develop over the period of several weeks or months. They may include the following;

  • Lump in the abdomen or groin, which may disappear when you lie down and reappears when you cough or strain to defecate.
  • Dragging or aching sensation in the abdomen or groin

It is important to consult a doctor if you think that you have a hernia. Seek immediate medical advice for a hernia that cannot be pushed back through the abdominal wall or one in which the skin is tender or inflamed because these symptoms suggest strangulated hernia. 


Hernia Repair Surgery procedures: Open hernia repair surgery treatment and  Laparoscopic minimally invasive hernia repair surgery


Hernia synthetic Meshes Implants, Hernia patches, Hernia plugs, Hernia belt (truss)

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